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Terms of Use

We will from time to time notify you of important changes to the OptionPay Payment Card Cardholder Agreement which are being provided to you via this website, which you have agreed is the designated information system for this notice.

For Available Balance and Customer Service visit us online at or call 888-460-7771.Avoid Card Declines. Always Know Your Balance and Tell Cashier. Record your Card number and store in a safe place.

This agreement (agreement) governs your use of the OptionPay Payment Card(card). By purchasing and/or using the card, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this agreement. The terms you and your refer to the person who purchased the card and/or the person who uses the card. The terms we, our, us and OptionPay refer to OptionPay Inc of Canada. If you have not yet used the card and do not wish to be bound by this agreement, you may cancel the card and obtain a refund by calling us at 888-460-7771.

Issuer: OptionPay Inc. Call us toll-free at 888-460-7771or visit us online at

Restrictions on Use: The card is not reloadable and you cannot make cash withdrawals. Please see the section About Your Card.

Deposit Insurance: Does not apply to the card. Please see the section About Your Card.

Fees: If a fee is charged when the card is purchased, the amount is written on the exterior packaging. If there is no exterior packaging, the amount is disclosed in writing prior to the card being sold to you. There are no other fees associated with the use of the card.

Expiry of Funds: Funds do not expire. See the section “Valid Thru” Date.

Lost or Stolen Cards: See the section Lost or Stolen Cards. Write down your card number and store it securely and separate from the card.

Verifying the Card’s Balance: See the section About Your Card.

Partial Payments: See the section Split Tender.

ABOUT YOUR CARD:? The card is a prepaid payment device that has a set dollar value that is either printed on the front of the card or selected by the purchaser at the time of purchase. The card is not a credit or charge card. To find out the amount of funds available for use on your card at any given time (available balance) or to request information about previous transactions visit us at or call toll free within North America 888-460-7771 (customer service number). Neither your card nor your available balance is insured by the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation. Cards can be used for purchases up to the available balance at merchants in Canada and the United States that accept OptionPay Payment Cards, including mail order and online merchants (each a merchant). Restrictions may apply, for example some cards are only accepted at certain OptionPay participating merchants or at OptionPay participating merchants in a particular location, such as a mall. We will tell you of any restrictions on where you may use your card. The card cannot be used for recurring billing, such as utilities and subscriptions, at casinos, for cash or cash equivalents or for transactions requiring a pre-authorization for less than the full value of the transaction (such as some car rental and cruise line transactions), or for any other transactions, merchants and/or merchant industries that we may determine.

HOW TO USE YOUR CARD:? write down the card number and our customer service number and store in a secure location that only you can access that is separate from the card. We cannot replace the card without the card number. You will need to contact us and provide this information if your card is lost or stolen or if we have to issue a refund or replacement. You may experience a delay in activation and use of the card for up to 4 hours after purchase.

Available Balance: As you use your card, the available balance will be reduced by the full amount of each purchase, including taxes. Once the available balance is depleted, your card is no longer valid and you agree not to use the card. It is your responsibility to keep track of your available balance as merchants do not know your available balance. Your available balance will reflect all authorization requests that have been submitted by merchants.

Split Tender: Depending on the merchant’s policy, you may be able to use the card with another form of payment, such as cash, cheque or another card, to make a purchase. This is known as a split tender transaction. To make a purchase for more than the available balance ask the merchant if another form of payment can be accepted for the balance of your purchase.

Pending Transaction: A pending transaction is a transaction authorized by us but not submitted by the merchant for processing (pending transaction). The value of a pending transaction will be reflected in the available balance until processed. Merchants like gas stations and restaurants obtain pre-authorizations for more than the purchase amount to ensure a sufficient available balance. Pre-authorizations will be reflected as pending transactions until the final transaction is submitted for processing. A pending transaction in U.S. dollars reflects the converted Canadian dollar value on the date it is authorized by us. A pending transaction amount may be different from the final amount of the transaction reflected in your available balance if the conversion rate on the date we authorize the transaction is different than the conversion rate on the day we process the transaction.

“Valid Thru” Date: Your prepaid OptionPay Card has not valid thru date as your card never expires until the balance is depleted to $0.00, OptionPay Payment cards are not reloadable.

Lost or Stolen Cards: If your card is lost or stolen, contact us immediately at 888-460-7771. You will need to provide the card number and any other information we request in order to replace a lost or stolen card. Subject to our approval, if there is an available balance remaining on the card, we will cancel the card and send you a replacement card with the available balance that was on your card at the time you notified us that it was lost/stolen. We may require a receipt in order to issue a refund or replacement. NO REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENT CARDS WILL BE PROVIDED TO COVER AMOUNTS DEBITED FROM YOUR LOST/STOLEN CARD PRIOR TO THE TIME YOU NOTIFIED US. We reserve the right to decline to issue a replacement card for lost or stolen cards.

Use of Card at Merchants: You acknowledge that purchases made with the card are similar to those made with cash. You cannot stop payment or lodge a billing dispute on such transactions. Any problems or disputes you may have regarding a purchase with the card should be addressed directly with the merchant. If you return merchandise purchased with the card, it will be subject to the merchant’s return policies. If the merchant agrees to issue a credit to the card, such funds may not be available for 3 to 7 days. If you have a complaint, problem or dispute with a merchant, including any goods or services purchased with your card, you agree to settle the dispute directly with the merchant. If a merchant fails to honour the card, please call the customer service number to report the incident.

OTHER IMPORTANT TERMS:?Changing the Agreement/Notices: We have the right to change this agreement at any time and will communicate changes by posting them at which you agree is the information system through which you will receive such information. We will generally communicate changes within 30 days of the effective date, unless changes are required to comply with applicable law or necessary to protect the security of our network or our customers. You agree to accept any changes as a condition of your maintaining or continuing to use the card. If you do not agree with the changes, you can cancel this agreement by calling us at 888-460-7771. We may also suspend, cancel, add or modify any feature or benefit offered in connection with the card at any time and will post notice of any relevant information at

Limitation of Our Liability: We are not responsible or liable to you for: (i) any delay or failure of a merchant to accept a card, (ii) problems with goods or services purchased with your card, (iii) any dispute with a merchant, (iv) any costs, damages or expenses arising out of our failure to carry out our obligations if the failure is caused by a third party, a system or data processing failure or any other act or omission outside of our control; and (v) any loss of profits or incidental, indirect, consequential, punitive or special damages regardless of how they arise.

Assignment and Waiver: We may assign this agreement to a third party at any time without notice to you. If we reimburse you for a lost or stolen card, or if we otherwise provide you with a credit or payment in respect to any transaction made with the card, you are automatically deemed to assign and transfer to us any rights and claims that you have, had or may have against any third party for an amount equal to the amount we have paid to you or credited to your card. You agree that you will not pursue any claim against, or reimbursement from, such third party for the amount that we paid or credited to your card, and you will cooperate with us if we pursue the third party for the amount paid or credited. If we fail to exercise any of our rights under this agreement, this will not be a waiver of our rights and will not prevent us from exercising them later.

Notice of Use of Personal Information: In this notice, the words we, our and us mean OptionPay Inc., and their agents and service providers (acting on their behalf). Personal information (personal information) is any information which relates to an individual and allows that individual to be identified. We collect, disclose, use and process personal information to enable us to provide you with refunds or replacements in respect of your card, to facilitate a resolution to complaints that you have initiated with us about your card, to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and for any other purposes that we may disclose to you. To obtain more information about our policies and procedures in protecting your privacy, you can visit our website at